My garden is only 12 feet wide and 30 feet long, paved
and surrounded on all sides by houses.

Even so, I wanted wildlife in it so a few months ago I bought a bird feeding station
and have just bought a second one and now have 17 feeders.

I’m new to this and by no means an expert but I’m learning as I go along and loving it.

It took some time for it to become a regular haunt for wild life. For the first month I saw only Sparrows and Starlings. I never saw a Blue Tit nor a Goldfinch and began to think I never would. Then, slowly it all fell into place.

Many of the photogrpahs I post are taken by husband,
so thank you, Jason Masterman, for all your support and love.

It’s been a gradual process but regular vistors (updated as appropriate) now include…