Hammer time…

Oh my word! This morning, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, I spotted my first Yellowhammer (a male) which had flown in…such a shame I didn’t spot the plastic bag which had blown in. (See what I did there?)


Still very chuffed though  :o)


Chuffed more than I ought to be


A baby Blackbird making use of the facilities


A Coal Tit in a jar. This did have suet in it but now I put sunflower seeds in


This year’s Chaffinch does not have poorly legs


Look…three babies this time! Four was the maximum but I didn’t get a video



A selection of this week’s visitors



This little chap kept peeping in the kitchen door



The greenfinch always feeds on the wrong side!



Baby Birds and Frogs!

This morning the garden was busy with baby birds being fed.

I watched this one for some time


…then another baby appeared! This was filmed through the window so isn’t so clear.
I have to say, they are big babies.


And here is a very wobbly video of some frogs in a friend’s pond. there were more,
lots more…


Snow Birds…

Watching the birds in the snow is very calming and peaceful. These videos are a tad wobbly as I was kneeling on the bed. I must do better!

And this is what happens when an hour of patiently waiting for the Robin, poised with an HD video camera, finally takes its toll and I nip off to put the kettle on.
When returning, there’s the little chap and the nearest thing is a ‘phone, which I didn’t even hold the right way up!

…and some birds in a puddle, before the snow came.




At last, Blue, Great and Coal Tits and a couple of Starlings are using the feeder which is stuck to my bedroom window.

In the garden, the Blackbirds are back, as are the Goldfinches. I now have a couple of regular Chaffinches, one with the surprisingly common Viral Papilloma on his feet.

We’ve had a little snow and watching all the gang as the flakes fall
is blooming wonderful!


My door, my step and at last!

I haven’t seen the Blackbirds for a few weeks and have no idea why. I haven’t seen the Goldfinches for a few days but I know September is when they move to warmer climes. I look forward to their return next year.

This is the frequent view from my kitchen door…the variety of bird varies!

…and this is the door step.

It’s difficult to film or photograph the Coal Tits but I finally managed it.